Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator Program 2023

Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator Program 2023

Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator Program is here go and participate in the Game this year the Google Cloud facilitator and Arcade combine and it will comes with Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator Program this challenge is divided into two parts 1st is Cohort 1 which is from April 1, 2023 and before Jun, 2023 in the game you have  to complete 2 level and one TRIVIA in that Level 1 and TRIVIA started go and join it until it will closed.

In this Year only 25 Best Google Cloud Facilitator  will be work as Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator you have to Reach on of that to participate in the Game and fillout the google Form which is Given Below.

In this year all process are same you have to complete the badges after that the swags shop open after that you can get the swag as per your points. you can also Reach the official website of Arcade Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator Program on that you get more about the Game. on that you get the newsletter form Subscibe it. to Active Arcade emails for your account including prizes and codes.



In the Game you don't need any new Cloud account for enrol in Program. Join the game and earn the points by completing the tasks and get more arcade points. In the Game this year the points system change in the game if you complete the 3 skill badges you will earn the one arcade points. As such if you complete 6 Skill Badges you will get 2 Arcade points. The skill badges should been earned after Apr 17, 2023 and it will end on 31st of may prize counter is open before Jun 15, 2023 to be considered for the Arcade points. you will get hte mail for your Arcade points. In the Game you can not get any physical Certification you only can Get the Points Badges in your profile and Swags in the end of this Year.

Cohort two registration started go and fill the google form coupan code is : AF23-GU1-8VE 

The GoogleForm Link  Google Form  

After Successfull registration you get the email in 24 hours like below image after that you compelte the lab and you will get subscription of two month for the other labs 



the lab which is in the mail -> A Tour of Google Cloud Hands-on Labs

complete this lab and check your profile after that 


Syllabus for the program
We have a lot of things you could learn from. As part of the program you will learn concepts like computing, application development, big data & machine learning, security and AI using cloud. All of them are structured in exciting games, trivia and skill badges that you can complete. You can find the complete program syllabus on our website here 

link of syllabus arcade-facilitator/syllabus

Complete and get your swag 

Eligibility for Participation

1. This is open to all including working professionals & students.

2. What about sending prizes to your address?


Flow of Arcade Program 

01 Subscribe to active Arcade emails for your account including prizes and codes
02 Join Google Cloud Skills Boost. You don’t need a new account if you’re already registered.
03 Play games to learn skills, earn badges and get arcade points. We suggest starting at level 1 if you’re new to cloud!
04 Enroll in Skill Badges to help you complete game tasks and get more Arcade points.
05 REDEEM points at the prize counter, coming in September.


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End of this Google Arcade program will be 6 July to 5 September 2023  before that complete this lab.