Long Essay on Women Empowerment in English

Long Essay on Women Empowerment in English

Women Empowerment refers to making women powerful to make them capable of deciding for themselves women's sense of own self-worth in India. Empowering an enhancing women is essential part for  the health and social development of families community and countries.

In india women empowerment is one of the most considerable need more than ever. India is one of the the countries which are not safe for women. There are various reason for this, women in India are in danger of honour killings. Empowering women is a big resposiability but its also vital for gender equality further more Society benifits when women are treated with respect and are not treated as seconf class citizens women are known to be the symbol of spirituality, strength, love, sacrifice and courage.

women empowerment can be defined in a  very simple words that it makes women powerful so that they can take every decision related to their life and live well in family and society. women are empowered when they have unrestricted access to chance in education, profession and life style empowering women is the most important factor in a country's overall growth.



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In modern time the education of women is much needed from the ancient time women are lagging behind so we need to join them in the ancient time women are lagging behind so we need to join them in the main stream of the society. One of Big part of women's to lerate abusive relationship under the pressure and they feel like imprisonment of society it is wrong to lerate anyone abuse. They should take action whenever it is necessary A women is a beautiful Creation of god is a fact because great personalities are born from the women womb.

A women is a Country's Innate, Do not put her life at stake

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